Competence from one source

DRH divides mixed metal alloys into their pure constituent parts, which can then be reintroduced to the raw material economy.

Whether coarse or fine raw material, our innovative processing plants sort various mixed metal alloys into single pure components, for example aluminum shredder, stainless steel shredder, copper, brass, and heavy metals. Along with use in aluminum and copper smelters our prepared and sorted products find use in the aerospace and automobile industries among many others.

Along with those services DRH can also separate mixed ore alloys. The alloys that are created during steel production are sorted into their component parts such as ferrous chrome, ferrous molybdenum, ferrous silicon, ferrous manganese, ferrous tungsten, ferrous vanadium, and ferrous titanium, so that after successful separation they can be reused in the steel industry for steel production.

By processing alloys in-house and selling them directly to smelters and industry, we ensure that raw materials are returned to use in a sustainable manner.